“Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is an important carrier for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and a measure for boosting the real economy. In order to respond to the calls of the central government, the government of Macao SAR has been actively supporting entrepreneurial efforts, which is also a main strategy for promoting appropriately diversified development of Macao’s economy.

To help the young entrepreneurs know the development trends and pace of business incubators, PFM and the MYEIC have co-published a monthly electronic publication titled Business Incubation Generation, which covers special reports on entrepreneurship, activities sponsored by the MYEIC, experts’ opinions, and big-data analyses, etc., discusses innovative talent fostering, the development of cultural and creative industries and the policies, laws, etc., pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship, provides entrepreneurs with reference information and guides the way for Macao’s new generation of entrepreneurs.

Business Incubation Generation is a monthly publication. Subscriptions or advertisements from institutions and friendly organizations will be appreciated. For queries and subscription details, please contact: