Frequently asked questions

Q: How to apply for membership?
A: Download the “membership application form” in “downloads” section or visit the centre. Please e-mail the completed application form with all the required attachments to bp@pfm.com.mo .

Q: Is it free to apply for membership?
A: It is completely free to apply for membership.

Q: What are the requirements for applying for membership?
A: you may apply to become a member through the following two categories:
– Macao residents applying as an individual;
– Enterprises that have registered in Macau applying in the name of the company.

Q: What consulting services does the Centre provide to members?
A: The consulting services provided by the Centre cover different fields such as law, trade, brand promotion and human resources management.

Q: What is the operating time of the centre?
A: In line with the ever-changing nature of business activities, the centre’s Incubation Space and Acceleration Space are open 24/7.

Q: Which areas can be used by members?
A: Members can use the Pantry, Incubation Space and lockers.

Q: Can members use other areas?
A: By completing the ” Venue Request Form for Members”, members can borrow or rent the A02 Multi-Function, R09 Conference Room or R14 Roadshow Hall to host meetings, lectures or ceremonies.

Q: Can non-members use the venue in the centre?
A: After completing the ” Venue Request Form”, you can rent A02 Multi-Function, R09 Conference Room or R14 Roadshow Hall to host meetings, lectures or ceremonies.

Q: I want to enter the Chinese mainland market. Does the centre have relative supports?
A: There are Macao Interactive Zones in Zhongshan and Dongguan, China. Membership of the above-mentioned two Interactive Zones are automatically given to our members who can make use of the local high-quality entrepreneurial resources.

Q: I want to expand to the overseas market. Can the centre provide supports?
A: The Macao Interactive Zone established at Beta-i in Lisbon, Portugal assists Macao’s startups to spread to European and Portuguese-speaking countries. It also attracts foreign entrepreneurs to interact with members of the Centre.

Q: I want to know the latest news. What should I do?
A: Follow and subscribe “Macau Youth Entrepreneur Incubation Centre” on WeChat and Facebook, you won’t miss any updates on the centre.