Digitalised! Applying for governemnt services in a breeze

Service Centre of MSAR Launches Its New Website and Offers Remote Take-a-number Service

Government services are always in demand amongst start-ups and other companies, and this is why the Service Centre of MSAR offers the convenience of one-stop services. To enhance the dissemination of information and ensure public access, the Service Centre of MSAR has officially launched its new website on December 27. The new functions include on-site queuing, information inquiry, and remote take-a-number service. Using a computer or a smart phone, one may take a number at peak times during office hours and save the time of on-site queuing. This puts the needed government services within easy reach for everyone.

The brand-new website, with its responsive design, is scaleable to the screen devices of computers and smart phones. It gathers personalized services such as remote take-a-number service, appointment setting, and queuing information inquiry. The availability of the take-a-number service is dependent upon the number of people who queue up for the various areas of service. For example, if only a few people have queued up or the remote take-a-number service is currently unavailable, then one may take a number on the site. After entering the home page, a citizen can click the “Remote Take-a-number” button, choose the service areas and services, enter his or her customer number (whereby the system will send a signal when the number is called), enter a local mobile phone number and the verification code, and then click the “Take a Number” button. The customer will then obtain a SMS message indicating that s/he has successfully taken a number. The citizen can activate the number by checking in at the self-service check-in machine or the public reception counter at the Centre, using the QR code electronic number in the SMS message link, and then visit the corresponding service counter, wait for his/her turn, and obtain the desired services.

Initially, and on a pilot basis, the remote take-a-number service will be provided in five service areas (i.e., areas A, C, E, F and H) on the ground floor of the Centre. Subsequently, the service will be expanded to the service areas on the first and second floors. Earlier, in order to dovetail with the efforts of the Macao government to launch e-services and build a smart city, the Service Centre of MSAR launched a 24-hour self-service area and online appointment booking service. By improving the information on the website and launching the remote take-a-number service, it hopes to respond more effectively to people’s requirements for government services whilst providing more convenient and considerate services.

The Service Centre of MSAR is located at 52 Nova da Areia Preta, Macao. Its office hours are 9:00 – 18:00 from Monday to Friday (open continuously through the lunch period). For answers to queries, please dial 2845 1515 or visit the website of the Service Centre of MSAR at