Enterprise Financing Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme

The implementation of the Enterprise Financing Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme is intended to support enterprises which invest in Macao and thereby scale up the needed investments within the scope of their respective business operations, doing so by subsidising interest on loans as the means to encourage diversity in local economic activities, enhance environmental protection, and assist in the technological innovation and transformation of enterprises so as to enhance their competitiveness and modernise their business activities. By increasing resources provided, expanding the scope of beneficiary industries, increasing the investment projects eligible for loan interest subsidy, simplifying the application conditions, and reducing the burdens on the beneficiary enterprises, the Enterprise Financing Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme as amended by Administrative Regulation no. 16/2009 and revised by Administrative Regulation no. 10/2011 supports local disadvantaged enterprises to use financial support measures to improve their condition of operation so as to adapt themselves to the industry’s structural alterations.

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