SME Aid Scheme

Small and medium-sized enterprises play an important role in the economy of Macao, as they contribute much to the economic development and employment. Supporting the development of SMEs is always a long-term policy of the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region. Thus, the Macao SAR introduced the SME Aid Scheme in May 2003, doing so as a response to society’s economic circumstances. This scheme provides interest-free financial assistance in order to ease the difficulties of the SMEs affected by SARS, as well as to support SMEs and thereby improve their operating capacities and conditions.

Given the region’s rapid economic development, the Macao SAR revised the SME Aid Scheme in 2006, 2009, 2012, and 2017 in order to continue its effective and appropriate support for the development of SMEs. Therefore, as the economy of Macao continues its development, SMEs are provided with corresponding support and opportunities.

Based upon the revised SME Aid Scheme, businesses can obtain interest-free financial assistance for the purchase of equipment needed for operation; renovation, decoration, and expansion projects for their places of business; the signing of commercial concession or franchising contracts; the acquisition of exclusive usage rights for technology or intellectual property; advertising and promotional activities; the enhancement of operations and competitiveness; working capital; or the handling of economic and financial difficulties due to the impact of extraordinary, unpredictable events or matters beyond human control. The maximum amount of aid per enterprise is MOP 600,000, whilst the maximum period for loan repayment is eight years. For those who have fully repaid their loans, Macao SAR provides a second chance for the application for the Aid Scheme.

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